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While no cure has been found to date for neurological developmental disorders, the use of psycho-pharmacological agents has shown some promise in altering behaviour by reducing specific symptoms. To make a step towards better understanding the latest developments, SHINE—the single-stop solution for all your scientific needs—aspires to be your partner of choice.

Management Of Status Epilepticus In Neonates And Infants 1

  • 30th March 11:04:00


  • 29th April 03:45:00


  • 16th February 00:00:00

Management Of Status Epilepticus In Neonates And Infants

  • 14th February 00:00:00

Why Medicines Can't Cure Autism

  • 11th February 00:00:00

What I Need To Know About My Child

  • 10th February 00:00:00

Dissociative Disorder, Myths & Facts

  • 3rd February 00:00:00

Suicidal Tendency Can It Be Treated With Professional Help?

  • 28th January 00:00:00

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